About Us

About Us

GEI was founded in 2006 with more potential than we ever imagined. Our team here at GEI have since then developed a system with the capacity to help 1000’s of people reach financial success. With our staff of people to help you succeed, we are positioned in this economy to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams. We are located in South Florida with a team of buyers all over the United States. Let us help you achieve your full potential.

Become part of our team today! If you would like to learn more about the opportunity here, please fill out the information on the contact us page. Someone will contact you shortly!

About the Gold Pricing Trends

Since April 2001 the gold price has more than tripled in value against the US dollar, prompting speculation that this long secular bear market (or the Great Commodities Depression) has ended and a bull market has returned. In March 2008, the gold price increased above $1000, which in real terms is still well below the $850/oz. peak on January 21, 1980. Indexed for inflation, the 1980 high would equate to a price of around $2400 in 2007 US dollars.

In the last century, major economic crises (such as the Great Depression, World War II, the first and second oil crisis) lowered the Dow/Gold ratio (which is inherently inflation adjusted) substantially, in most cases to a value well below 4. During these difficult times, investors tried to preserve their assets by investing in precious metals, most notably gold and silver.

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